Hawthorne Group Inc. is the owner of MULTIFACTS, one of the most comprehensive databases in the Twin Cities area.  The database is unique and flexible consisting of:

          • 7807 Complexes
          • 10,544 Buildings
          • 6,799 Contacts
          • 129 Municipalities
          • 8 County Metro Areas
          • 4-Plex and above
          • Integrated CREV data compiled by quarter

It is consistently maintained and reviewed by conferring with counties, municipalities, owners, managers or any other reliable source essential to maintain the integrity of the database.

Examples of use:  Sales comps, industry trends, market velocity (# of transactions) and pricing trends.

MULTIFACTS is intended to be a data platform which provides certain basic facts relative to multifamily rental housing: mainly property data and owner information.  It is intended as a base only.  In addition, it has the flexibility for licensees to build upon it to accommodate their own unique needs.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  We know who is operating in this market and what is happening, is it expanding, contracting or in equilibrium.