3rd Quarter 2017

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These statistics do not reflect all recorded transactions for each of the years; but rather, they reflect the CREVs which we feel  represent arms-length sales transactions in each of the respective years.  Sales made specifically for the unique purpose of condominium conversion are not represented in average price per unit figures. Also, we eliminate skewed transactions that fall on the extreme high and low ends (out of the norm) from average price per unit calculations.   At the time these figures were compiled, all transactions for the given time period may not have been recorded. Past experience indicates many transaction recordings will not take place until subsequent quarters.

The definition of CREV (Certificate of Real Estate Value) is a document that is filed with the county when various events occur with a property; one of these events being a sale.   Our challenge in examining CREVs is to identify only those that reflect an arms-length sales transaction.   We make absolutely no representation relative to accuracy or completeness of this information.   The details used in compiling this chart are available upon request.  Please call Gary Kersten at (952) 831-5756.