Are you looking to sell or buy a portfolio? We can help!

USDA Participation

We are operating under a “Buyer Representation Agreement” with an entity which is accumulating a portfolio of a number of USDA properties operating under the Section 515 Program.

This is a solid well-funded buyer with an excellent reputation of performance.

General Parameters:

  1. Located in the State of Minnesota
  2. Minimum of 20 units (or a complex of multiple buildings of greater than 20 units in total)
  3. Includes a number of formal RA (rental assistance units)
  4. Settlement or non-settlement properties are eligible

Seller must initially be willing to provide the following:

  1. Current Rent Roster
  2. Financial Statement
  3. Execute an “Authorization to Release Information Form” which allows USDA Personnel to release information to and discuss with Buyer and/or Buyer’s Agent (s).  Download the form here: Authorization-to-Release-Information.pdf